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I Love Tiny | Concept

Sustainable vacations in nature 🌳

Together with our partners, we create extraordinary vacation destinations in unique nature locations.

I Love Tiny cabins are mobile and self-sufficient, but at the same time equipped with everything guests need for a comfortable stay in the middle of nature. The cabins blend harmoniously into their surroundings and are set up effortlessly and without any environmental impact.

The rise of living in a Tiny House

1. A growing trend in the Netherlands.

2. Unique blend of affordability, sustainability and connection to nature.

3. Attractiveness to millennials, young families and nature lovers.

Why Tiny Houses for your location?

  • Attract new customers: a growing audience looking for unique experiences.

  • Increase revenue: offer premium rentals at a higher price.

  • Low maintenance: built with high-quality materials and require minimal maintenance.

  • Sustainable solutions: eco-friendly features, consistent with growing environmental concerns.

Our range of tiny houses

1. We offer several models to fit specific needs and the aesthetics of your location.

2. Our tiny houses are fully equipped with comfortable sleeping facilities, kitchen facilities, sanitation and essential living space.

3. We use high quality sustainable materials and prioritize energy efficiency in our constructions.

You earn on average about €26,000 per cabin per year

We have developed a financial model that shows the potential profitability of tiny house rentals. Our model takes into account initial investment, rental income, operating costs and potential return on investment (ROI).


Direct purchase. The cost of the ready-made house is €42,000 (excl. VAT and transport)*.

Financial lease. From 755,55 Euro per month.

*- To make the house mobile and fully autonomous, you can additionally install a chassis and autonomous communication for €3,500 to €10,000 depending on the equipment.


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