Model S

Model S is a mobile cabin with 4 sleeping places.

It comes 100% ready to use with equipment and furniture. Made of eco-friendly and fireproof materials and suitable for year-round use.

A place to work and relax

The smart interior design of our Model S allows you to work during the day and relax with 4 people at night.

Loft bed

King-size loft bed provides space for a workstation and two other single beds.

Equipped kitchen

Large kitchen with sink, fridge freezer, stove and outlets for other appliances.


A large bathroom with a (optional) waterless toilet - avoids the need for a sewage system.


Creative storage space that hides utilities but also leaves you plenty of room for your stuff.


MODEL S is a tiny house of 15 m². It has everything for comfortable (temporary) housing. A private bedroom, its own kitchen, bathroom and personal and storage space.

Day. Lunch

Day. Work

Night. Sleep


Key features:


  • Fire resistance - REI 30

  • Dimensions: 6.0 × 2.5 x 3.1 m


MODEL S can be further equipped and transformed into an autonomous house on wheels.


Direct purchase. The cost of the ready-made house is €42,000 (excl. VAT and transport)*.

*- To make the house mobile and fully autonomous, you can additionally install a chassis and autonomous communication for €3,500 to €10,000, depending on the equipment.

Get in touch with us*

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